Giving Back

Sep 8, 2017 | by Fay Schuler

I recently received a call from a woman wanting to volunteer. She stated that she was a past resident of The West. When she stated her name I instantly remembered her. She was a high needs client who left abruptly. We began to talk and she stated that when she stayed at The West she was still being controlled emotionally by her husband and ended up returning to the relationship. A short time after her return, the abuse began again and she felt trapped.

Two years ago her abuser committed suicide, she believes he had hoped to kill her also, but fortunately did not. Since his passing, she has been able to put her life back together and has focused her energy on developing a relationship with herself while staying away from new relationships. She returned to school and is now a qualified paralegal. Currently, she is in stable housing, receiving therapy, and trying to give back through volunteerism.

Although her stay here was short she felt the West made a difference in her life and she wants to help others as we have helped her.

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